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Oh, Hey There

Truth be told, I'm a bit of an old soul. My current obsession is canning (go figure) produce from my ever-expanding backyard veggie garden and making my own sourdough bread. Not to brag but I am legit, a wanna-be homesteader faking it til I make it. You can even follow my homestead adventures here (insert link to homestead page) if you love a good homemade jam recipe.


Anything vintage, organic, natural, farm feeds my soul in every way and creatively seeps into my photography.


I call myself a seasonal reader, ain't-got-no-time for that in the summer, but I do love a good book on a snowy day.


You can always find me home, where I'm happiest surrounded by the best fam a girl could wish for or out browsing antique stores hunting for treasures. Definitely always one of the two.


"Because real is so worth capturing"

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